Regarding the warm and dry climate of central and southeastern Iran and at the same time the necessity of further development of the Iranian Mining Industries that require massive water resources located in these regions and considering water shortage in the country, a joint venture of three Industrial Complexes of,

  • GolGohar mining and industrial Company
  • National Iranian Copper industries Company
  • Chador Malu Mining and Industrial Company,

have formed joint stock companies to desalinate seawater and transfer to three companies.

Asia Water Development Engineering Company (Pvt.) has been established on January 18, 2011 and allocated to build and run the Bandar Abbas desalination project as employer.

The project has defined to desalinate water along the coastlines of the Persian Gulf and to further transfer the desalinated water in long distances (up to ~800 km) to these industrial complexes located in Kerman and Yazd provinces of Iran. In addition the plant will supply part of potable water to Bandar Abbas City. (Figure 1)


Figure 1: General Layout of the “Desalination” and “Transfer” Projects Area

The Bandar Abbas desalination plant is the largest desalination plant in Iran that is under construction which consists of desalination units with total product capacity of 1,000,000m3/day from seawater using “Reverse Osmosis” technology. The product will be used for potable and industrial applications and it will be produced based on three 8 hour shifts and 345 working days in an area of about 155 hectares 35km west from Bandar Abbas. The main water consumers of the project are as follows:

  1. Potable and industrial applications of the Hormozgan province
  2. Gole-Gohar Iron ore Company
  3. Sarcheshmeh Copper Industrial Company
  4. Chador Malu Mining and Industrial Company


Supplying potable and industrial water which is required to construction of large industrial, mining and steel companies, contribute to industrial growth and also promoting economic prosperity especially in the provinces (Hormozgan , Kerman and Yazd) with less water, are some important advantages of this plan.

Access to reliable and huge raw water (seawater) is one important advantage for this plan.


Construction Phases of the Bandar Abbas Desalination project consist of:

Phase null:

  • Construction of auxiliary facilities in order to desalination of seawater with the 1,000,000 m3/day product and other required infrastructures including Intake Basin Structure, Marine Equipment and Offshore Piping, Mechanical Equipment of the Intake Basin, Seawater Pumping, Concentrated Water Discharge, Site General Works, Electricity distribution network, Piping, and Water Storage Tanks for product.

First Phase:

  • Producing desalinated water from Persian Gulf equal to 550,000 m3/day in three units, two with 200,000m3/day and one with 150,000 m3/day capacity by B.O.O contractors.
  • Construction of the first phase of the power plant with 250MW

Second Phase:

  • Adding 200,000m3/day desalinated water product to capacity of plant

Third Phase:

  • Increasing the plant capacity by 250,000m3/day to reach 1,000,000m3/d product.
  • Construction of the second phase of the power plant with maximum 250MW capacity to reach to 500MW based on demand.

document3Project Program:

Construction of each units of the desalination plant considered equal to 36 months from the time of notification which includes 6 months of advancement, 24 months of construction, and 6 months of provisional operation. After that, 25 years of commercial operation by B.O.O. Contractors and Investors is contracted.project-description-fm_b_page_2