About us / Introduction
Asia Water Development Engineering Company (Public Joint Stock) has been registered on 18/01/2011 with registration number: 395501 and national ID: 10320453888 in Tehran’s Company Registration General Office.
Fields of Activities:
– Performing all domestic and abroad business activities
– Implementation of different business services regarding company’s activities;
– Doing the whole industrial-developmental projects, especially in water and waste water industries;
– Presenting services in fields of energy production and distribution;
– Constructing, Installing and Launching the Desalination Plants, Power Plants, Water Transmission Pipe Lines, Energy Transmission Lines and Water Pump Stations;
– Getting and Granting representative from and to interior and exterior companies;
– Participating and investing in company’s field with national and international natural and legal persons;
– Foundation of institutes in production, service and business fields related to activities of Asia Water Development Engineering Company (AWDEC);
– Participating in domestic and international tenders;
– Getting any type of international currencies and Iranian Rial facilities from all of any national and international banks, or financial and credit institutions;
– Participation in activities related to working fields of AWDEC.
Company’s Capital
The initial capital of AWDEC was one hundred million (100.000.000) Iranian Rials, which was one hundred thousand shares each 1,000 Rials and according to the last changes on 01.Sep.2022 has been increased to Fifteen thousand billion rials (32,400,000,000,000).