Macro indexes of Iran indicate that water consumption, in improper condition.  That unsuitable condition of water consumption indexes, growth of water demands and environmental pollution are the most important factors which justify necessity of attention to increase productivity of water usage.


Asia Water Development Engineering  Company (AWDEC) in order to play its role in sustainable development through producing the potable and industrial water, (by considering environmental standards) is responsible for desalinating water to supply potable water of some parts of Hormozgan, Kerman and Yazd Provinces and also to supply required industrial water of industrial and mining companies such as Mese-Sarcheshme, Gol-Gohar and Chadormaloo.

AWDEC is intended to satisfy its beneficiaries including citizens of Hormozgan, Kerman and Yazd Provinces, Government and Mese-Sarcheshme, Gol-Gohar and Chadormaloo companies by researches and strategic management (policy-making, execution and supervision) in water domain.

We believe that AWDEC is a pioneer organization that will reach to its mission with trust in God and by relying on three factors: modern technology, efficient human resource, and an effective R&D System.

Company Values

We believe that:

  • Human resource is the most valuable asset of the company to meet its goals.
  • Special attention to great human and Islamic dignity, and also responsibility and creativity of employees, will help the company to attain a dynamic and attractive environment.
  • The company will enhance energy efficiency, people’s quality of life, and industries’ quality.

Asia Water Development Engineering Company by using of scientific innovation, management abilities and creative human resource, has responsibility to desalinate water of Persian Gulf in three phases as following:


  • Phase Null:

Construction of auxiliary facilities in order to produce 1,000,000m3/d desalinated water from seawater.

  • First Phase:

Producing desalinated water from Persian Gulf equal to 550,000m3/d. Construction of the first phase of the power plant with 250MW capacity.

  • Second Phase:

Adding 200,000m3/d desalinated water product to capacity of plant.

  • Third Phase:

Increasing the capacity equal to 250,000m3/d. Construction of the second phase of the power plant with maximum 250MW capacity to reach to 500MW based on demands.

According to prediction for water crisis in Iran, this company is going to be the pioneer in seawater desalination industry using maximum potential of internal resources (human and equipment).